Securely Speed Development & Testing - Database Virtualization & Masking

database virtualization

As businesses generate and rely on increasing amounts of data for decision-making, forecasting, and operational efficiency, it becomes more critical than ever to have an efficient and secure test data management (TDM) solution, particularly in Agile environments, to manage and protect databases in non-production settings.

Accelario TDM for DevOps platform offers a range of virtualized database DevOps features, including schema versioning, versioning, snapshotting, and branching. The solution allows data consumers to treat data as “code” with one-click rollbacks to the original database. It’s ideal to replace Actifio, which has reached its end of life.

Enabling self-service is crucial to alleviate DBAs’ workloads and enhance the capacity to provide top-notch software faster. Automation reduces the time and resources required to deploy new features and updates while ensuring the security and quality of data. Accelario provides both self-service and automation features.

Safeguard Your Business with Safe and Effective Management of Sensitive Data

Built-in, real-time dynamic and static data masking helps protect sensitive data, smoothing compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS and minimizing the risk of data breaches.

With TDM database security, businesses can be confident that their test data is secure and protected. Businesses can easily use Accelario to manage and protect their data, as the solution comes with off-the-shelf support for a wide range of database systems, including Oracle, SQL, Postgres, and various platforms, on-prem and cloud, including AWS, GCP, and Azure.

For a comprehensive solution for managing and protecting data, Accelario is the right choice to replace Actifio. With its database virtualization, data masking, and TDM database security, businesses can streamline their data management processes and protect their data from potential threats.

With its built-in data virtualization as well as dynamic and static data masking, businesses can enhance their software development and testing processes while ensuring the safety and security of their sensitive data. Accelario's off-the-shelf support for a wide range of database systems and cloud platforms makes it an ideal replacement for Actifio. By leveraging Accelario's features, businesses can streamline their data management processes, achieve regulatory compliance, and protect their data from potential threats, ultimately enabling them to make better-informed decisions and achieve operational excellence.