With Accelario, it is possible

Managing your test data is a real pain as most Development & QA teams rely on experts, mainly DBAs, to do the work for them. This is logical, since data is perceived to be complex, sensitive with never ending challenges. 

Indeed, data is the heart of the business and its business applications. But most organizations find it hard to keep on supplying relevant data to their Dev and QA teams due to their perception of its complexity. In fact, that’s a reality which jeopardizes the business. When the software development cycle is longer, its quality is poorer due to software tests being conducted on generally irrelevant data or on old data that has lost relevance to current production data.

Accelario solves this problem with a focused to-the-point software solution that allows Dev and QA teams to build, refresh, synchronize and secure their own Test Data. Unlike other TDM (Test Data Management) solutions, Accelario is based on the following principles that make it happen.

No need for a data expert

Accelario is a self-service software. No need to be a data expert at all. QA or Test managers can operate the software themselves, enjoying better performance and results than 80% of the DBAs community. All decisions on how to carry out the data build, refresh and other actions are performed autonomously by the software, unlike other TDM solutions that require expertise in data to operate their solutions.

Best of all, implementation is simple and straightforward – few clicks and your Accelario server is ready, either installed on premise or on the cloud. Other TDM solutions need a lengthy implementation time frame and usually require a unique server, storage and more hardware. That inherently makes them more complex and costlier.

Masking is done on the fly – production data is secured all the time

Masking is a non-issue for Accelario. It’s done on the fly as part of the build or refresh of your database, has almost no effect on performance, and no production data is exposed since the masking is done in the “select” data stage. This means data is secured in transit as well. Some TDM solutions cannot mask data at all (physical, storage based solution) whereas others can mask the data but only in an “in-place” operation on the database after the cop. This leaves production data exposed in transit as well as on the target server.

Synthetic data? Easy

Synthetic data is built in record time, to the tune of billions of records per hour. Yes, faster than any other solution. The build maintains high statistical relevance to the production data since Accelario employs the metadata and the production data structure to do so. The build can be handled by anyone. No data expert is needed. Other TDM solutions don't have a synthetic data solution and customers need to add software to make the solution whole.

One click to build a new environment - No extra disk space needed

One click - and Accelario visualization software lets the user make a copy of the database. The virtual copy is instantly ready. No disk space needed at all. The copy has no dependencies on the source data, its location or its capability compared to other TDM solutions which require expertise, extensive disk space, and the TDM server’s network to execute the process.

Accelario. A unique, simple to operate TDM solution. Available for on premise or public cloud use. You are welcome to contact us to get access to our 14 days demo trial.